Swimming Pool Rules

In order to minimize risk, improve safety and more effectively serve the clientele of the pool, strict policies rules will be enforced.

Daily Rules and Season Pass Regulations
– Children 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older.
– There must be 1 adult per 4 children.
– APPROPRIATE SWIM ATTIRE IS REQUIRED, no street clothes, t-shirts and etc.
Violators will be asked to exit the pool.
– Rain checks will only be issued if the pool is closed for inclement weather.
– We only accept cash for daily admission.
– No outside food or drink is allowed into the pool.
-We require a 48 hour notice for groups of 15 people or more due to staffing and       capacity.
– No floats are allowed due to the number of people in the pool.
– Adult swim hours will be posted monthly!
– No running on the deck.
– No flotations are allowed when using the diving board or slide
No horseplay
– All persons with hair shoulder length or longer hair should have hair braided or banded.
– All children wearing diapers are required by the Health Department to wear “Swimmers” diapers. They will be on sale at the cashier window.
– The Pool Manager or staff person in charge reserves the right to close facility at any time due to inclement weather or emergency, or if there are less than ten people at the pool area. Please give your children a phone number where they may contact you for a ride home.
– No food, chewing gum, tobacco, beverages or glass containers are allowed in the dressing rooms or the deck area. All above items must be kept under the covered concession area.
– Smoking will not be permitted. Patrons who wish to smoke must leave the pool and be at least 15 feet from the front entrance and will not be able to reenter.
– Vandalism, misconduct, or violation of the general rules of the pool will cause pass privileges to be revoked. The pass holder can expect to be ejected temporarily or permanently without benefit of refund.
– Life preservers, plastic rings, fun noodles, air mattresses, tires, or Styrofoam, and full-face masks are not permitted in the pool. However, infant flotation devices are permitted.  Permission from the Pool Manager must be obtained for any other items not specifically mentioned.
– Vomit or feces found in the pool will result in a minimum of a 30 minute shut down time, where patrons will be required to exit the water according to Health Department regulations. Please do not send your child to the pool if they are ill.
– Valuables such as rings, watches and necklaces should not be brought to the pool. The Roxana Community Park District is not responsible for lost items.
-Lockers are available for personal belongings, lost locker keys will result in a $10 fee.
– The telephone located at the cashier window is for emergency use only. It will not be used for socializing.  All arrangements for picking up your child should be made prior to visiting the pool.  All calls will be 25 cents.

For Any Questions Regarding These Rules Please Feel Free To Ask The Manager On Duty.

Breaking any of the rules at the Roxana Community Pool may result in ejection, suspension or season ban.