Daddy Daughter Dance

Hey folks! We are so happy to announce that we had a SOLD OUT crowd for Tri-City’s first annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Thank you to all the dads and daughters that came out. We hope you had a great time! Mark your calendars for the first Friday in February 2024. We hope to take this event to a larger venue or have multiple nights! 💖💖💖

Daddy Daughter Dance Update

Just a friendly note that the Daddy-Daughter Dance for Friday, February 3rd, has reached its maximum number of participants. With that being said, if anyone who is currently participating cannot attend for any reason, please let us know by calling 618-254-7485. We have several people on the waiting list and would like to fill up this event for this memorable occasion. Thank you! ❤️❤️

Dashin’ Thru The Lights Results

Hey folks! Results from the race are in! If you placed and were not here to receive a medal, stop by the Rox-Arena (Mon-Fri, 8-4:30pm).

***12 and Under (Male)

1. Oscar Crockett

2. Jonah Grussing

3. Christian Cline

***12 and Under (Female)

1. Savannah Cline

2. Victoria Wood

3. Adleigh Dewerff

***Age 13-19 (Male)

1. Wyatt Doyle

2. Easton Johnson

3. Maurice Sparks

***Age 13-19 (Female)

1. Gianna Stassi

2. Taylor Partridge

3. Jessica Manda

***Age 30-39 (Male)

1. Ryan Peters

2. Jessy Cline

3. Joshua Van Ess

***Age 30-39 (Female)

1. Jennifer Pitts

2. Katie Peters

3. Samantha Wood

***Age 40-49 (Male)

1. Tim Patridge

2. Ben Bruns

3. Jason Lynn

***Age 40-49 (Female)

1. Michelle Lamb

2. Samantha Stumpf

3. Robin Doyle

***Age 50-59 (Male)

1. Mark Smith

2. Joseph Nicolussi

3. Ken Costanzo

***Age 50-59 (Female)

1. Andi Losch

2. Carolyn Daniels

3. Renee Anderson

***Age 60+ (Male)

1. Gary Payne

2. Ken Howell

3. Bob Hunter

***Age 60+ (Female)

1. Tammy Albright

2. Julie Cole

3. Debbie Howell

***Best Overall (Male)

1. Adam Loeffelman

2. Anthony Hardin

3. Nathan Gilbert

***Best Overall (Female)

1. Riley Doyle

2. Gaby Woodruff

3. Zoey Losch

Dashin’ Thru The Lights

Hey folks! Pre-registration bags for Dashin’ Thru The Lights are now available. We will be open from 8am-8pm today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday). Pick up is OPTIONAL but encouraged.

***Please note that the race start time has been moved up to 6:45pm*** (Check in around 6:20pm)

The deadline to sign up for the 5k is today (Thursday, Dec. 1st) @ 8pm.

Hope to see you soon!