Mission Statement

It shall be the purpose of the Roxana Community Park District to provide wholesome recreation opportunities for the entire family.

Consistent with this purpose, every opportunity shall be afforded principally through taxation and user fees, within financial limits, to plan, procure, develop and maintain park and recreation resources and to provide leadership for the productive and satisfactory use of leisure time.

The District shall endeavor to provide such services at the least possible cost without duplicating the efforts of other agencies.


To provide programs, activities and recreational facilities which will adequately meet the current and future needs of the resident s of the Village of Roxana and surrounding communities.


Primary: To provide positive leisure experiences to our residents and area guests who participate in our programs and visit our facilities.

Present: To continue to properly maintain and preserve programs and facilities to ensure their availability to future generations.

Future: To expand programs to meet the changing needs and desires of the community and to encourage additional improvements, acquisitions and development of facilities.

Financial: To effectively manage revenue resources to ensure financial success and maintain sound fiscal responsibility, while also investing and pursing additional sources of funding.

Staffing: To recruit and sustain qualified and valuable employees who are dedicated to teamwork and quality service.

Professional: To strive to emphasize honesty, integrity, ethical and professional business practices in order to earn and maintain the respect and support of residents, guests, cooperating agencies and fellow employees.