Rox-Arena Rules

Following things listed below are major rules for renting the Rox Arena.

***Due to COVID-19, additional rules and guidelines will be made depending on the governor’s orders. Details will be given out as soon as possible.***

  1. In order to reserve any of the following three rooms in the Rox Arena, filling out and signing a Rox-Arena rental contract and a Rox-Arena rules and regulation contract are a must.
  2. The full balance of the event is due immediately upon rental .
    This deposit is refundable (minus an administrative fee of $25.00) if the booking is cancelled within 2 weeks. Any bookings not cancelled within 2 weeks will NOT receive a refund.
  3. Any rentals cancelled must be done in person.
  4. Rentals cannot be booked over the phone. They must be made in person. They are also on a first come first serve basis. We will not hold a date without a rental deposit.
  5. Alcohol is not permitted
  6. We do not accept debit or credit cards for payment. We only accept cash and check. If you are paying with a check you are required to give your driver licenses number.
  7. Please remember you are not allowed to enter your room until your rental time.

*More Rules and Regulations are listed in the link below. If you have any questions please call us @ 618-254-7485.