Annual Bike Blessing

The Bike Blessing Committee, Memorial Committee and Park District recently met to discuss the upcoming event. It is with regret and sadness that all involved have agreed to cancel this year’s Bike Blessing and Memorial Dedication for many reasons. The Blessing was originally started by the Outlanders Club to gather and offer a prayer for a safe riding season. It was a chance for clubs to come together and share that experience. The Memorial was added several years later to acknowledge area clubs and to honor fallen bikers, identifying them with memorial bricks.

Due to the current COVID restrictions and uncertainty moving forward, logistics and insurance liability for the park district who must comply with governor’s orders, it is not possible to hold the event at this time. The groups discussed modifications such as drive through options, club time assignments, a virtual production and even postponement until a later date.

It was determined that because of the unique nature of the blessing and the special meaning of the memorial to the many area riders and families, that the Annual event be held in its entirety in 2022.

Wishing everyone a safe riding season and healthy 2021!

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