COVID-19 Update

Roxana Community Park District staff has been following the Governor’s COVID-19 phase plan as it pertains to re-opening. The coronavirus has had a significant effect on our local communities. We thank our local residents and participants for their continued support, respect and adherence to the rules set forth for our agency.

With the beginning of Phase 3, we will only be allowed to have gatherings of 10 people or less with proper social distancing. Face masks should be used when social distancing cannot be maintained. This includes the Rox-Arena, shelters, ball diamonds and disc golf course.

The Rox-Arena will be opening on Monday, June 1st with regular business hours, 8AM-4:30PM. Face masks should be worn when entering the building and social distancing must be maintained.

When reaching Phase 4, hopefully by June 26th, youth sports practices can begin, playgrounds and restrooms can be reopen, the pool can open and reservations can be made for groups of 50 or less. There will be specific guidelines for all these areas.

Drinking fountains will remain closed until Phase 5. If visiting the park, please bring your own water supply.

Special events such as the car show, dive-in movies, etc. have yet to be determined.

All walking paths and green space have been and will remain open as long as groups limit to 10 people and social distancing can be maintained.

We will provide further updates as we receive them. Thank you again for your cooperation.

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